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Set Comment

REAL PHOTOGRAPH, come hand-coloured, come with or w/o card titles, listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue

First Use:22/04/1903
Sold As:set of 6 cards
Where Sold
Great Britain, United States of America, Canada

Cards in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment O
Est Pics
classical pose & dress, sandals, right hand touches her left elbow, tree back right No 5031 V 5.00 0
DE PRESLES dark dress, lace fringes down front, faces left looking up to right Yes 5031 De Presles French Singer, Composer, Actress, - married Meximo Carrera d- 1918 NYC V 5.00 4
ELISE DE VERE very tight hobbled dress, her right arm raised carrying flowers, looking left Yes 5031 Elise De Vere French Actress (1879-1917) V 5.00 4
REGNIER low cut dress, furry cape over her right shoulder, fancy hat, flowers to her right side Yes 5031 Marthe Regnier French Actress & Dress designer ( b 1889 Paris- ) in Manon 1910 and Movie Mayerling 1936 V 5.00 4
SEGOND-WEBER woman on stage with long white wrap, hair up in back with white ribbon through hair Yes 5031 French Actress (1867-1945 Paris) Eugenie Segond-Weber in "Joan of Arc" & was Camile in "Horace of Cornelle" 1909 ; V 5.00 8
woman in front of curtain, wearing crown Yes 5031 comes KERLOOR or not French Actress V 6.00 5
woman posed before curtain in white dress, coronet on peaked up hair, hands behind back, facing right looking front Yes 5031 V 5.00 2