SET: COMIC EASTER animal fantasy

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Where Sold:Great Britain

Cards in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment O
Est Pics
cockerel uses camera to photograph chicks Yes 1039 verse:- MAY YOUR JOYS ALL FLOCK TOGETHER AND EASTER FIND YOU IN FINE FEATHER H 8.00 2
EASTER GREETINGS personised rabbits walk left, two carry baskets, one pulls baby in cart Yes 1039 verse:- THIS CARD WILL REACH YOU WITH A RABBIT IF SOMEONE DOESN'T UP AND GRAB IT H 10.00 2
EASTER WISHES four rabbits walk right with ribbon Yes 1039 verse:- THOUGH YOU MAY TRAVEL WIDE AND FAR I'LL SEND MY GREETINGS WHERE E'ER YOU ARE H 8.00 2