SET: Birthday cats

Set Information edit

Set Comment

REAL PHOTOGRAPH, COPYRIGHT LONDON, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, colouring of pets & background varies between printings

First Use:17/03/1933
Sold As
6 similar cards sold in packet hand-stamped 518, 6 CHARMING BIRTHDAY CARDS
Where Sold:Great Britain

Cards in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment O
Est Pics
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS cat standing in hat Yes 518 I HOPE GOOD LUCK WILL COME YOUR WAY YOUR BIRTHDAY PROVE A HAPPY DAY, same image & verse 572 H 8.00 2
MY BIRTHDAY WISH white Persian cat in basket on table Yes 518 verse:- LONG MAY YOU LIVE-LONG MAY YOU PROSPER, LONG, LONG MAY YOU BE HAPPY V 8.00 4