SET: CHRISTMAS character studies

Set Information edit

Set Comment:


First Use:22/12/1908
Sold As
set of 3 cards sold in packets of 6
Where Sold
Great Britain, United States of America

Cards in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment O
Est Pics
A MERRY CHRISTMAS coachman in fawn coat & hat holding whip, upside down pipe in mouth Yes C 176 V G.W.M. (Geo W. Mason) 10.00 2
CHRISTMAS GREETINGS man in green coat holding cane vertically and smiling Yes C 176 V G.W MASON 12.00 2
WISHING YOU A JOLLY XMAS. "DID SHE REALLY?" three men in green coats chat, smiling Yes C 176 H E. ARIS (Ernest Aris) 10.00 3