SET: OSTERGASTE Easter guests, children, lambs & chicks, German

Set Information edit

Set Comment:


First Use:21/04/1916
Sold As:set of 6 cards
Where Sold:Germany, Holland

Cards in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment O
Est Pics
girl sits on stool holding chick on her knee, she looks down at lamb looking up at her, another lamb in meadow left, another lamb right, basket of eggs at girls feet Yes 980 H Wally Fialkowska (unsigned) 30.00 2
girl stands holding up grass, five lambs around, three chicks below Yes 980 H Wally Fialkowska (unsigned) 30.00 2
girl stands left looking down at three lambs, one nibbles at a cloth over basket of coloured eggs, chick stands on basket protesting Yes 980 comes opt. in red FROLICHE OSTERN (different spelling) H Wally Fialkowska (unsigned) 30.00 3
two children, girl sits on stone holding unhappy chick, she looks down on two lambs, boy clinbs behind looking over girls shoulder, basket of eggs lower right Yes 980 H Wally Fialkowska (unsigned) 30.00 2
two children, one in basket with grass & large eggs, another behind, two lambs right Yes 980 come op. in blue VROOLIJK PAASCHFEEST, in red FIROFLUFN OFANZU H Wally Fialkowska (unsigned) 30.00 4
two girls, one holding grass for two lambs, chick below, other girl with basket of eggs stands close & observes Yes 980 H Wally Fialkowska (unsigned) 30.00 2