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Set Comment

REAL PHOTOGRAPH, other cards depicting musicians seem to be in same set with P prefixes but are titled CELEBRITIES OF THE STAGE, P209 DR. JOACHIM, P214 VAN BIENE

First Use:10/04/1905
Sold As
images sold in packet of 6 cards
Where Sold:Great Britain

Cards in Set

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Card Comment O
Est Pics
JAN KUBELIK Yes P 210 PHOTO BASSANO Jan Kubelik (c.1880 Praque 1940 Prague) Violinist and composer Toured USA in 1901 and in "The Royal Philharmonic Soc, London in 1901-02 8.00 2
MR. JOSEPH O'MARA Yes P 212 PHOTO BASSANO Joseph O'Mara (1864 Ireland - 1927 London) Irish Opera Singer in Opera "Ivanhoe" The Royal Eng. Opera London 1891 V 6.00 2
MR. KENNERLEY RUMFORD Yes P 213 PHOTO LONDON STEREO Kennerley Rumford (1870 London-1957 Eng.) An English Baritone singer Married Clara Butt and they had Concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. 6.00 2