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Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
PRINCESS ELIZABETH WITH HER DOLLS' PRAM Yes 22 British royalty sepia photograph reprints included in book cards show front & back of the original postcards with marginal numbers added,we list only the postcards originally printed by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd. note: numbers listed are not Tuck numbers V 4.00 2
TO MY VALENTINE, Dutch girl carries doll Yes 185 LITTLE SUNBEAMS, VALENTINE, Dutch girls embossed blue boreders, PRINTED IN SAXONY, DESIGN COPYRIGHTED BY RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS CO. LTD V 10.00 2
IN THE NURSERY Yes 8078 MOTHER'S DARLING RAPHOLETTE or RAPHOLETTE GLOSSO , PROCESSED IN SAXONY, come PHOTOCHROME (on front), listed in 1908/1909 & 1911/1912 Postcard Catalogue H 10.00 3
OH! WHAT A FAMILY! Yes 1 Quaint Folk, by PRESTON, numbers in stamp box OILETTE on front, greetings on back, unusual back for Tuck, no. ..DESIGN (in stamp box) same images OILETTE 3520 QUAINT FOLK V CHLOE PRESTON 20.00 2
LOVE ME DARLING, WHEN WE'RE SMALL, LOVE ME, DARLING WHEN WE'RETALL Dutch girl with doll Yes 26 VALENTINE, SWEETHEART PRINTED IN SAXONY, thin red borders, come TO MY VALENTINE V F. Brundage (unsigned) 35.00 2