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town crier with bell in his right hand, left hand at his mouth Yes 593 CALENDAR humorous character studies, old style dress perforated cards, DESIGNED IN ENGLAND, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA (in stamp box) V J.O.B. (Boetius) 10.00 2
A HAPPY NEW YEAR town crier holding up noise-maker Yes 1807 CHRISTMASPOSTCARD, Christmas or New Year comic sketches DESIGNED IN ENGLAND, PRINTED IN BAVARIA, come with brown or green surrounds V HUBERT WHATLEY 8.00 2
watchman faces away holding up his lantern Yes CHRISTMAS unnumbered art PRODUCED IN BAVARIA, embossed greetings in gilt or silver, same images occur with red or cream background, illuminated letters on most cards V 10.00 2
YE GREETINGS 'GOOD MORROW-- AND A MERRY YULE TO YOU, AND MANY, MANY MERRY DAYS THEREAFTER' town crier reads proclamation Yes 8870 CHRISTMAS, ye greetings gilt & silver embossed, RELIEF STAMPED IN BAVARIA, come with personalised name & address on front, come WITH EVERY GOOD WISH FOR A ..HAPPY CHRISTMAS (back) H 6.00 5