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SERIES A, VOCAL, NO. 1. "AULD LANG SYNE." Yes 01 matrix P12X TUCK'S GRAMOPHONE RECORD POSTCARDS THEY PLAY, SING AND TALK, SERIES A (i.n. blue on back No.1-4) see packet images, each packet contained card giving information about POSTCARDS, each card overprinted on back in blue (3 styles) TUCK'S GRAMOPHONE RECORD POSTCARD with SERIES A, NO. & record title, PROCESS PATENTED left margin & PATENT APPLIED FOR PLAY THIS ON YOUR GRAMOPHONE on bottom of card, 1 1/2d. STAMP TO BE AFFIXED HERE beneath stamp box, cards to which the record was attached are usually taken at random. Cards are collected in the packets in which they were sold, estimate 30 dollars a packet of 4 cards. H 5.00 8