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Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
LOVING CHRISTMAS GREETINGS four children parading right (pipe and drums) Yes 8026 CHRISTMAS or NEW YEAR parading children CHROMOGRAPHED IN SAXONY, same image ART 1604, french back SERIE 504 and CHRISTMAS 8015, listed in RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS' LD. CHRISTMAS & NEW YEAR 1904/1905 catalogue H E.J. Andrews (unsigned) 15.00 2
CHRISTMAS GREETINGS ragged musician plays pipe in snow, dog accompanies Yes 1818 CHRISTMAS POSTCARD Christmas or New Year comic old time sketches DESIGNED IN ENGLAND, PRINTED IN BAVARIA, come with brown or grey surrounds, see 621 V E. SANDERS 8.00 3
MUSIC HATH CHARMS musicians Yes 1046 comic sketches, old style dress CALENDAR, perforated cards, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA (in stamp box) V comes signed J.P. (set 1818) 5.00 2
PAN lies in meadow playing pipes, goat by silver birch tree Yes 6822 fantasy OILETTE, PRINTED IN GERMANY, same images German backs OILETTE 474B, listed in 1908/1909(USA) postcard catalogue H 20.00 2
FAUN pan lies in meadow playing pipes, goat by silver birch tree Yes 474 B FAUN fantasy OILETTE, suffix B, same image, English back OILETTE 6822 H 40.00 2
snow entertainers - snowman plays pipe, snowlady sings, snowdog begs Yes 8604 FUN IN SNOWLAND, personised snow-people OILETTE, PROCESSED IN BAVARIA, listed in 1914 Postcard Catalogue H ARTH. THIELE 60.00 3
nymph sits on bank by stream looking right at three cupids in air playing music Yes 107 IDYLS valentine pink borders, come w/o VALENTINE GREETINGS, DESIGN COPYRIGHTED BY RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS CO.'LTD.' same images in red 18 IDYLLS, images used for VALENTINE greeting cards as well as these postcards H 12.00 2
IN ARCADY two cupids, one plays flute, one has shepherd's crook, three toy sheep Yes 2915 IN ARCADY PRINTED IN SAXONY H G. WIEDERSEIM 25.00 2
girl sits on log in snow playing pipe, another covers her ears, another sucks her thumb whilst pulling sled, dachshund sits howling right Yes 885 SPIELGEFAHRTEN children's games in snow, dachshund, German OILETTE, come B.K.W.I. H W. Fialkowska (unsigned) 25.00 4
WEARING OF THE GREEN, OH, PAD-DY DEAR AND DID YOU HEAR THE GO-ING ROUND couple dance to the pipe Yes 157 St. Patrick's day, THE EMERALD ISLE gilt embossed, PRINTED IN SAXONY, narrow gilt borders, many very similar images in 177 H 8.00 2