Postcards in Category Foxgloves

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
FOXGLOVES Yes 9032 ALL IN A GARDEN FAIR OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, listed in 1908/1909 & 1911/1912 Catalogue V 6.00 5
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS rural vugnette & foxgloves Yes R 1191 Birthday floral WATER COLOUR, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, same images & verses with Xmas titles C 7181 V 3.00 2
A HAPPY BIRTHDAY foxgloves in a rural setting Yes 1802 B Birthday flowers OILETTE, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, COPYRIGHT LONDON, same images 8000 Christmas and 3180 WOODLAND WALKS H S. Shelton (unsigned) 3.00 2
A HAPPY CHRISTMAS many coloured foxgloves left & back Yes 8002 C Christmas floral landscapes OILETTE, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM or ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON, same images 3180 WOODLAND WALKS and 1802 GEM BIRTHDAY POSTCARD flowers, note suffix C H S. Shelton (unsigned) 5.00 2
CHRISTMAS GREETINGS cottage, foxgloves Yes C 7181 Christmas rural scenes WATER COLOUR, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, same images & verses with Birthday titles R 1191 V 3.00 2
FROGGY WOULD A WOOING GO! (II.) foxglove, two courting frogs look up at two courting birds Yes 2598 frog humour, CONNOISSEUR, CHROMOTYPED IN BAVARIA, listed in 1904 & 1930 POSTCARD Catalogues, V A. COURT 20.00 4