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Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
GREETINGS FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY ploughing with horses, evening Yes 1853 Birthday farming scenes COLOURED CRAYON, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, COPYRIGHT LONDON, same images birthday CRAYON 2003 & New Year COLORED CRAYON 6004 H 2.00 2
GOOD WISHES FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY poppies left, large inset pair of horses ploughing, dog left Yes 744 Birthday, flowers & rural scenes GEM GLOSSO, PRINTED IN GERMANY, COPYRIGHT LONDON narrow yellow or blue borders V 3.00 2
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS ploughing with two horses, poppies below/left Yes 2027 BIRTHDAY, rural GEM, embossed borders, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, COPYRIGHT LONDON, come glossy but not so trade-named, same images CHRISTMAS GEM 7533 V 3.00 2