Postcards in Category Fantasy Egg Auto

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
boy drives eggmobile left, boy & girl embrace behind, chicks scatter in front Yes 359 B OSTERAUTOMOBIL Easter automobile fantasy, German OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, suffix B H RAPHAEL KIRCHNER 200.00 2
boy drives left, boy & girl behind kiss Yes 777 Osterautomobil title from packet (Dell'Aquila page 30), couples with fantasy egg-shaped Easter cars, French OILETTE (on front) UN MOT A LA POSTE, (DEPOSE), Dell'Aquila E8-c5, with opt. JOYEUSES PAQUES Dell'Aquila E8-d5, Del'Aquila variant 2 ad. on back CHICOREE ARLATTE & CIE PREMIERE MARQUE FRANCAISE H R. Kirchner (5 cards signed but this one not) 200.00 4