Postcards in Category Dandie Dinmont Terrier

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Est Pics
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS terrier (?dandy dinmont) Yes 207 Birthday, ART METAL gilded, embossed borders, ART METAL, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON V 8.00 2
DANDIE DINMOUNT Yes 9642 PET DOGS comes as 9462( Tuck number error) V MAUD WEST WATSON 10.00 2
DANDIE DINMONT TERRIER Yes 9681 SKETCHES OF DOGGIES OILETTE, come Oilfacsim but not so trade-named. PRINTED IN ENGLAND with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, listed in 1913/1914 & 1926/1927 Postcard Catalogues & listed as DOGS HEADS in 1930 POSTCARD & 1932 ART SERVICE Catalogue V MAUD WEST WATSON 10.00 5