Postcards in Category Dogs And Cats

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
BIRTHDAY GREETINGS Yes 3209 Birthday greetings, dogs and cats COLORED CRAYON, PRINTED IN ENGLAND V 4.00 2
GOLF ENTHUSIASTS Yes 3580 DOMESTIC PETS OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON, comes oilfacsim but not so trade named, 3 backs,, listed in 1930 Postcard Catalogue &1932 ART SERVICE Catalogue H PERSIS KIRMSE 20.00 2
CHUMS. Yes 8072 HAPPY PUPPIES RAPHOLETTE, PROCESSED IN SAXONY, come PHOTOCHROME (on front), listed in 1908/1909 & 1912 Catalogue H 8.00 2
CHOCOLAT CARPENTIER baby on mother's lap, cat & dog all want bowl of chocolate on table Yes 663 LES AFFICHES CELEBRES celebrated posters V H. GERBAULT 450.00 2
THIS IS MY MILK! Yes 9157 WHEN CATS ARE KITTENS (not on cards) OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, title from Catalogues & perhaps the packet, 3 backs, listed in 1908/1909 & 1911/1912 &1913/1914 Postcard Catalogues H B. COBBE 12.00 5
AN UNSAFE RETREAT kitten protests from inside a broken jug being rolled about by two puppies Yes 9361 WHEN CATS ARE KITTENS (not on cards) OILETTE, PROCESSED IN BAVARIA, listed in1911/1912 &1913/1914 Postcard Catalogues, same images French backs, untitled, SERIE 896 P H B. COBBE 10.00 3
I FEEL LIKE CRYING Yes 9765 WHEN DOGS ARE PUPPIES OILETTE, come Oilfacsim but not so trade-named, PRINTED IN ENGLAND or PRINTED IN UNITED KINGDOM, with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, listed in 1913/1914 & 1926/1927 & 1930 POSTCARD Catalogues, listed in TUCK'S TRAVELOGUES (USA?1905) H B. COBBE 10.00 3