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Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
I THINK OF YOU THIS TIME EACH YEAR-YOUR BIRTHDAY IS TO ME MOST DEAR, MY WISH IS THAT YOU HAVE IN STORE- HAPPY BIRTHDAYS MANY MORE Yes 195 BIRTHDAY CHILDREN, children with flowers PRINTED IN SAXONY (comes covered by filigree during WW1), cards come paired in mirror images but different inscriptions V 6.00 3
BIRTHDAY WISHES girl sits sewing, daffodil left Yes 193 BIRTHDAY CHILDREN, children with flowers 3 backs, embossed, gilt borders & lettering, PRINTED IN SAXONY (comes covered by filigree during WW1) V in the style of C.M Burd 8.00 2
THE SEAMSTRESSES Yes 6726 DELFT PHOTOTYPED IN HOLLAND or PHOTO HOLLAND (in stamp box), shades of blue H ARTZ (A.C. ARTZ) 5.00 3
girl sits mending trousers, boy observes closely from behind right Yes 5448 Dutch children, VLEIFARBENDRUCK-CLICHES VON ADOLF KLAUFZ & CO. LEIPZIG SET SERIE 448 covered with filigree (World War I) & Tuck back & number V 10.00 2
HER LITTLE DUTCH Yes 763 DUTCH NATIVES, CROW OILETTE, PROCESSED IN BAVARIA (in stamp box) or OILETTE REMARQUE, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA, same images, French backs, SERIE 614, set comes hand-stamped LEVLEZO-LAP in purple on back, listed in 1908/1909 Catalogue H CROW 12.00 4
VON STITCH IN DER TIME IS VOITH TWO IN DER SIDE! Yes 2941 DUTCH PROVERBS PRINTED IN GERMANY (comes covered by filigree during World War I) H 5.00 2
unknown, information needed No 9076 HOLLANDISCHE INTERIEURS, German OILETTE, same images English backs OILETTE 9076 DUTCH COTTAGE HOMES, SERIES II V J.A. HEYERMANS 8.00 1
YOU BANE MA BEST FINE FELLA Dutch girl Yes Valentine, unnumbered, children at work, small vignettes of relevant items, Curtis u/b, COPYRIGHT 1903 BY RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS CO., LTD. N.Y. H E. CURTIS (Elizabeth Curtis) 5.00 2