Postcards in Category Shoes

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
three chicks in shoe Yes 300 APRILWETTER IM HUHNERHOF OILETTE V 25.00 2
LOVING BIRTHDAY WISHES two kittens in shoes, another on floor between Yes 1342 Birthday kittens OILETTE, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, COPYRIGHT LONDON H 5.00 2
two chicks one sits in shoe, the other stands on the toe Yes 6894 chicks embossed, ART, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BERLIN (in stamp box) V 5.00 3
duck left, brown rabbit with cane right, face chicken in apron and hat holding chick in egg Yes 1246 Easter poultry as people OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND V G.E. SHEPHEARD 15.00 5
boy dressed as cobbler, girl customer Yes 834 II When all is young ART or VALENTINE, u/b, DESIGNED IN ENGLAND, CHROMOGRAPHED IN SAXONY, ART cards do not have card titles,, listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue, come made by other company DRUCK U. VERLAG V. WEZEL & NAUMANN A.-G., LEIPZIG No. 308 V FRANCES BRUNDAGE 30.00 3