Postcards in Category Horses And Carriage

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
MARKET HALL, CHIPPING CAMDEN Yes 9913 OLD MARKET HALLS AND CROSSES OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, listed in 1911/1912 & 1913/1914 & 1926/1927 & 1930 POSTCARD Catalogues, come opt. AMERICAN Y.M.C.A. H A.R.Q. (A.R. Quinton) 10.00 3
LA MADELEINE Yes 30 02 PARIS Dutch back Dutch back BRIEFKAART ( 2 backs), French front, u/b, comes advert in blue RADEMAKER'S CHOCOLADE on front, same image, same set & card numbers, French back SERIE 30 H 20.00 2
LA MADELEINE Yes 30 02 PARIS French back u/b, comes with Tuck ad. on back SOUVENIR DE EXCURSION A PARIS DU COURGAIN DE CALAIS, come Dutch back with blue RADEMAKER'S CHOCOLADE on front in blue, come opt. in black CHICOREE ARLATTE & CIE. PREMIERE MARQUE FRANCAIS, come with blue for FETES DES ENFANTS, LE MATIN 19 JUIN 1904 & used as Tuck Adverts H 20.00 3
L'ARC DE TRIOMPHE Yes 934 23 PARIS III COLLECTION VILLES DE FRANCE 934 (inset 19-24) UN MOT A LA POSTE, (DEPOSE), with or w/o suffix P, 4 backs H 5.00 3
THE KING AND QUEEN DRAWN BY THE FAMOUS WINDSOR GREYS, APPROACHING ST. PAUL'S CATHEDRAL Yes 3911 C Silver Jubillee, British Royalty, SERIES I. REAL PHOTOGRAPH, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON, sold in packets of six labelled A,B,C, card titles/descriptions on back, 2 backs V 5.00 2
snow scene, cottage left, two people, man on horsecart & woman next to the horse right Yes 3309 WINTER'S REIGN OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON, come O/F but not so trade named, listed in 1926/1927 POSTCARD Catalogue H J.W. GOZZARD 6.00 2