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THE WILD WHITE HORSES FOAM AND FRET Yes 8086 ROUGH SEAS RAPHOLETTE or RAPHOLETTE GLOSSO, PROCESSED IN SAXONY (in stamp box or not), listed in 1908/1909 & 1912 Catalogue H 4.00 3
ocean scene, three main wave formations, trough of pale sea in front of middle wave, four birds centre back Yes 2884 WHAT ARE THE WILD WAVES SAYING?, SERIES IX. OILETTE CONNOISSEUR, 3 backs, PROCESSED IN BAVARIA, come w/o series number, come with & w/o quotes that vary for same card, same images German backs OILETTE 525 SEESTUCKE, come with anchor applique, listed in TUCK'S TRAVELOGUES (USA?1905) H R. SCHMIDT, HAMBURG 3.00 5