Postcards in Category Dragon Fly

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
BLUE WINS four ducklings swimming, old basket behind, swallow catches dragonfly Yes 9175 CHICKS AND DUCKLINGS OILETTE, come Oilfacsim but not so trade-named, PRINTED IN ENGLAND with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, , listed as YOUNG CHICKS in1911/1912 & 1912/1913 &1913/1914 & 1926/1927 & 1930 POSTCARD Catalogues H A. WEST (Alice Lizzie West) 6.00 7
dwarf holds on to hair of dragonfly girl on columbine, reeds behind Yes 273 B DIE HEINZELMANNCHEN dwarves, German OILETTE, suffix B, 2 backs H C.G. (C. von Gobl) 40.00 4
violets above & below spiders web, lady-bird & dragon fly Yes 298 flowers with insects gilt, u/b, UN MOT A LA POSTE, (DEPOSE), come with grey CHICOREE ARLETTE & CIE. PREMIERE MARQUE FRANCAISE advert. on front V 25.00 2