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Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
WESTMINSTER ABBEY inset POET'S CORNER Yes 5 LONDON VIEW, u/b, 3 backs & 2 styles both CHROMOGRAPHED IN SAXONY, come with & w/o DESIGNED IN ENGLAND, come with advert. on front DUNN'S FAMOUS 3/9 HATS, 8 LUDGATE HILL with picture of shop in purple, come used for SCHOOL BOARD FOR LONDON REWARD CARD (on back with much information) no Tuck logo or attribution, listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue H 2.00 2
POETS' CORNER, WESTMINSTER ABBEY Yes 1552 LONDON, SEREIS III, SILVERETTE shades of grey/black, SILVERETTE, PHOTO BAVARIA (in stamp box, or not), come with or w/o SERIES III, come with London crest opt. in red, listed in 1904/1905 & 1911/1912 Postcard Catalogues V 3.00 4
THE POET'S CORNER Yes 1297 WESTMINSTER ABBEY u/b,VIEW, 2 backs, shades of sepia or grey/black, PHOTOTYPED IN BERLIN, same images not individually numbered series 220, listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue V 5.00 8
THE POET'S CORNER Yes 220 WESTMINSTER ABBEY VIEW, u/b, come in shades of sepia/grey-black, same images i/n 1295-1299, PHOTOTYPED IN BERLIN V 4.00 4
ROBERT BROWNING MAY 1813 DEC 12 1889 Yes 7 WESTMINSTER ABBEY, SERIES 7 REAL PHOTOGRAPH, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, sold in 6 card packets, composition, backs & card finish differ between printings, glossy finish or not V 5.00 2