Postcards in Category Wild Hyacinths

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
DEVONSHIRE LANE NEAR TAVISTOCK woman in red hat picks blossoms to right of path Yes 7993 PICTURESQUE DEVON OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, faint gold titles on some of the fronts, come without titles on front, come oilfacsim but not so trade named, 6 backs, with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON listed in 1930 POSTCARD Catalogue V G.H. JENKINS JR. 4.00 9
ALL EASTER JOYS FOR YOU! Yes 1004 PLAYFUL BUNNIES, EASTER gilt card titles, OILETTE (front), PRINTED IN ENGLAND H probably C.M. Burd (unsigned) 6.00 2
I SEND YOU GLAD GREETINGS THIS BRIGHT EASTER DAY three children round nest of eggs, rabbit held above, hen rushes to rescue Yes 1025 sweet nature OILETTE (front), PRINTED IN ENGLAND, gilt card titles, listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue H K. in circle 5.00 2