Postcards in Category Yarn

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
LOVING BIRTHDAY GREETINGS cat looks up at another in wool basket Yes BIRTHDAY POST CARDS mostly flowers & children, some pets unnumbered, no prefix, divided back, embossed, many with gilt inscriptions, PRINTED IN GERMANY or PRINTED IN SAXONY or CHROMOGRAPHED IN SAXONY, come glittered several cards used as Advertising cards opt in brown COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES OF THE HEYDT BAKERY MAY YOU LIVE LONG AND ENJOY EATING YANKEE BREAD, many of the same images BIRTHDAY 105 & unnumbered Birthday floral V 8.00 2
boy stands close behind girl looking pensive with finger to mouth Yes 838 Dutch children photographic (blue finish) UN MOT A LA POSTE, (DEPOSE), suffix P V 10.00 2
Dutch boy sits winding wool for girl seated in high chair, with her feet up Yes 6870 Dutch children ART, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA (in stamp box) H 5.00 2
four chicks look into a mirror, wool & pussy-willow front Yes EASTER POST CARDS unnumbered, chicks u/b, embossed, come without set title, come with & w/o PRINTED IN GERMANY, 3 backs V 4.00 4
YOU BANE MA BEST FINE FELLA Dutch girl Yes Valentine, unnumbered, children at work, small vignettes of relevant items, Curtis u/b, COPYRIGHT 1903 BY RAPHAEL TUCK & SONS CO., LTD. N.Y. H E. CURTIS (Elizabeth Curtis) 5.00 2