Postcards in Category Blackberries

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
autumn blackberries right, inset creek with bridge, road & house left Yes 201 BIRTHDAY floral rural insets embossed, red/gilt borders PRINTED IN SAXONY, cards come BIRTHDAY GREETINGS front H 3.00 2
LOVING BIRTHDAY GREETINGS inset stream, bridge, house and road, blackberries right Yes 125 BIRTHDAY scenic insets with floral surround gilt inscriptions, embossed, PRINTED IN SAXONY, come with brown or black back printing H 3.00 2
blackberries Yes 690 FLOWER SPRAYS u/b, DESIGNED IN ENGLAND, CHROMOGRAPHED IN SAXONY, come opt. in black SERIES 117, 6 IN SET H C. Klein (unsigned) 15.00 2
blackberries Yes 6 10 flower sprays (from English set), French backs u/b, CARTE POSTALE H CK (Klein, C) 15.00 2
POPPIES AND BLACKBERRIES Yes 2618 TIME OF FLOWERS, Klein CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA, perforated cards from picture painting album THE TIME OF FLOWERS, come unnumbered from book 2632 H C. KLEIN 8.00 8
POPPIES AND BLACKBERRIES Yes TIME OF FLOWERS, unnumbered CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA, unnumbered perforated cards from POSTCARD PAINTING ALBUM, THE TIME OF FLOWERS, same images numbered 2618 H C. KLEIN 6.00 3
WISHING YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR on pale purple panel behind blackberries Yes unnumbered, New Year, undivided backs undivided backs, embossed, come PRINTED IN GERMANY or not, come glittered, cards with foreign inscriptions, but English backs sold in N. America, see 114, come glittered H 4.00 3
BLACKBERRYING Yes 9855 WHEN ALL IS YOUNG OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, listed in 1911/1912 & 1913/1914 Postcard Catalogues, listed in TUCK'S TRAVELOGUES (USA?1905) H 6.00 6