Postcards in Category Barley

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
TO WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY lady, barley & poppies above, sheaves in field below Yes 1701 Birthday -rural scenes CRAYON, COPYRIGHT LONDON, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, grey/black V 3.00 2
DEWAR'S, THE FAIR MAID OF PERTH scots girl in barley field Yes 1503 CELEBRATED POSTERS (set IV) COLLECTOR'S POSTCARD SERIES, all d/b (6 designs recorded), listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue V DESIGNED BY G. BATAILLE 65.00 3
five chicks move right pulling large Easter egg with ribbons Yes 24 08 Easter egg & chick fantasy gilt on egg design, u/b, come opt. in black DESSERTS COQUIN, SAINTE-SAVINE, PRES TROYES H 25.00 2
A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU girl carries exaggerated blue cornflowers, barley & gilt sickle Yes unnumbered NEW YEAR POST CARDS, divided backs embossed, PRINTED IN SAXONY or PRINTED IN GERMANY come glittered, cards with foreign inscriptions, but English backs sold in N. America, same images 113 & with French titles 114 H 6.00 2
two mice eating ear of barley Yes 1019 white mice ART, u/b or d/b, embossed, CHROMOGRAPHED IN GERMANY, listed in 1904 & 1908/1909 & 1911/1912 Postcard Catalogues V 10.00 6