Postcards in Category Delft Vase

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
A BIRTHDAY WISH pink roses in a delft vase Yes 2031 BIRTHDAY GEM roses embossed borders, PRINTED IN THE UNITED KINGDOM, COPYRIGHT LONDON, come glossy but not so trade-named V 3.00 4
delft blue vase with handle, nine or ten daffodils in vase Yes 9987 flowers in vases OILETTE. PRINTED IN ENGLAND or PRINTED IN UNITED KINGDOM with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, listed in 1926/1927 & 1930 Postcard Catalogues V A. PRICE KING 4.00 9
A HAPPY NEW YEAR inset boy with pink roses & delft vase above clock Yes 600 NEW YEAR GREETINGS English card titles gilt embossed, PRINTED IN SAXONY, come with minute differnces in ink colour and typesetting on back, same images come with German card titles 600 V 4.00 3