Postcards in Category Man In The Moon

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
A HAPPY BIRTHDAY mother walks right carrying young girl who reaches up to the man in the moon Yes 1941 BIRTHDAY, DE LUXE, mother & child CHROMOGRAPHED IN GERMANY, embossed red margins, faux brown cloth background V 20.00 2
A HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU, three boys huddle left as snowman melts Yes 8299 CHRISTMAS, boys in snow gilt embossed, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BERLIN (in stamp box) H 15.00 2
A HAPPY NEW YEAR man in the moon with monacle smiles, three girls float around in space Yes 1909 NEW YEAR, DE LUXE, art nouveau CHROMOGRAPHED IN GERMANY, embossed H 40.00 2
A HAPPY NEW YEAR girl lies on gilt face of man in moon holding hIs monacle in position art nouveau Yes 1924 NEW-YEAR, DE LUXE, art nouveau CHROMOGRAPHED IN GERMANY V 60.00 2