Postcards in Category Delphiniums

Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
multicoloured flowers & tall blue delphiniums in front of wall on right Yes 2361 ALL IN A GARDEN FAIR OILETTE or OILETTE CONNOISSEUR, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON, 4 backs, set composition varies, come OILFACSIM with O.F. prefixes, come O.F. not so trade named,listed in 1930 Postcard Catalogue &1932 ART SERVICE Catalogue V FLORA PILKINGTON 3.00 10
blue delphiniums right and tulips left of path leading to cottage with open window & door Yes 3026 ALL IN A GARDEN FAIR OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND, COPYRIGHT LONDON, come O/F but not so trade named, AFTER THE ORIGINAL PAINTING BY S. SHELTON. H S. SHELTON 4.00 3
A CHRISTMAS WISH lighted open window, flowers Yes C 3067 CHRISTMAS rural scenes & flowers gilt embossed, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA, same images NEW YEAR N 3067 V 3.00 2
blue delphinium Yes 237 FLEURS PAR KLEIN (1904 list), French u/b, UN MOT A LA POSTE, (DEPOSE), set comes opt. front lower right CHICOREE ARLATTE CIE PRIMIERE MARQUE FRANCAIS H C. Klein (signed postcard 857) 15.00 2
PIEDS D'ALOUETTE blue Yes 857 flowers, Klein, French UN MOT A LA POSTE, (DEPOSE), come with advert in grey on back CHICOREE ARLATTE & CIE PREMIER MARQUE FRANCAIS V C. KLEIN 15.00 2
TO WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR red poppies & blue delphiniums in garden in front of cottage Yes 675 NEW YEAR SATIN gilt card titles, printed on woven silk, CHROMOGRAPHED IN BAVARIA, SATIN POSTCARD POSTAGE 1D, (in stamp box) H 12.00 2