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Card Title Ref Prefix Num In Set Set Title Set Comment O
Est Pics
babies in eggs near a pond with lamb Yes 1005 Easter babyland (set I) multiple babies fantasy ART, PHOTOTYPED IN AUSTRIA, come with EASTER GREETINGS opt. in gilt, blue, green or violet, listed in 1904 POSTCARD Catalogue H 10.00 4
DID YOU SEE IT MOVE? two kittens pester a tortoise Yes 9361 WHEN CATS ARE KITTENS (not on cards) OILETTE, PROCESSED IN BAVARIA, listed in1911/1912 &1913/1914 Postcard Catalogues, same images French backs, untitled, SERIE 896 P H B. COBBE 10.00 4
puppy tries to bite turtle, two kittens watch Yes 9537 III WHEN DOGS ARE PUPPIES, SERIES III. OILETTE, PRINTED IN ENGLAND or PRINTED IN UNITED KINGDOM, with or w/o COPYRIGHT LONDON, listed in 1908/1909 & 1911/1912 & 1912/1913 & 1913/1914 & 1927/1928 & 1930 POSTCARD Catalogues & in 1932 ART SERVICE Catalogue H B. COBBE 10.00 4